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Alien Spiders
Monday, September 10, 2001
09:37 p.m.

Last night as I was headed to bed I noticed a spider hanging above my washer and dryer. Being the brave person that I am,*snickers* I quickly dug out my extendable dust broom and prepared to send this invader to spider heaven. As I raised my broom above my head I suddenly realized that I had killed this exact same spider the night before. Or had I? Lowering my broom I leaned against the wall to think. Yes, it did look like the same spider. It could have lived through me trying to kill it.*snickers evilly* But, my mother had also "killed" this same spider the night before that, the evil thing had more lives that my cat. Moving closer I then noticed that it only had 4 legs. Shuddering I picked up my dust broom again a smash the thing into the wall. Giggling quietly to myself I began to put the broom away, only somehow I managed to knock over a large bag of junk sitting on a shelf which of course came crashing down around me. So much for being quiet. I was then suddenly attacked by an evil moth who had been living in the bag o junk. This sent me into a fit of laughter. Here I was in my duck pjs killing bugs at midnight. I sat down in the middle of my hallway a laughed for a good 10 minutes. After my laugh, I finally made it to bed where I began to think about a chorus line of chibi doctor in white lab coat doing the can-can and chanting Its all in your head. I must be insane, that would explain a lot.

"I am the root of all evil... but you can call me Pookie."

Will This Work Out??
Tuesday, September 4, 2001
07:46 p.m.

Testing, one two three... testing. Will this look good, I do not know, it may look bad. I needed a little more flesh on this thing so I could see if it worked. It should look better when it does have this meat, the only problem is trying to say something so that there is something. I have nothing to say, lets see how long I can talk about that.

And the world goes round and round and round and the end is near but the bottom of the barrel is dry in here. My mom tried to kill the cat, but the cat killed her. I wish there were faeries here so i could meet them and make them listen to me sing.

"I am the root of all evil... but you can call me Pookie."

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